Earrings make the perfect anniversary gift or for any occasion and are priced to fit wide range of budgets. We carry an exquisite selection of uniquely designed, competitively priced earrings available in the following  precious metals and gemstones:

  • Gold earrings
  • Silver earrings
  • Gemstone or birthstone earrings
  • Diamond earrings

A brilliant necklace can be the difference between a looking good and looking unforgettable. Mark the moment with one of these spectacular items:

  • Gold pendants
  • Gold chains
  • Silver pendants
  • Silver chains
  • Platinum pendants
  • Gemstone pendants
  • Diamond necklaces

Bracelets are those pieces of jewellery that absolutely set the wearer apart; an item that shows an outlying attention to detail and personal expression. The current trend is to mix and match max many, gold, silver, gemstones . . . but then there is always that stand alone diamond piece that can drop jaws all by itself.