Caring for Jewelry

How do I clean my jewelry?

Your jewelry can become dull looking if not properly cleaned.  This often happens with things like soap residue, oily hands and normal wear.  To keep you jewelry sparkling they is a very simple thing to do.  We recommend using a window based cleaner and a soft tooth brush.  Simply soak the jewelry item for a couple minutes and then use a soft tooth brush to get underneath the diamond and in between little spaces.  Then wash it under water and your diamonds will look just as the day you received them.

My ring has scratches.  What should I do?

When you received your ring it looked flawless without any scratches. However, normal wear of a ring and small scuffs and scratches may begin to appear.  This is normal.  Scratches and scuffs can usually be buffed out with a jeweler, however every time a ring is polished is looses a very slight amount of metal.  For this reason we don’t recommend getting a ring polished very often, but rather for special occasions like an anniversary.

Is My Diamond Secure?

When a piece of jewelry leaves Her Dream Diamond, we carefully inspect each and every piece to make sure your diamonds are secure.  Over time, you may bump your ring or jewelry and know the claws that hold the diamond.  If a claw bends the wrong way, the diamond may become loose and rattle in the setting or if severe enough, it could fall out.  We recommend having your ring checked every 6 months by us or a reputable jeweler to make sure that the diamonds are still secure.