A diamond is the ultimate representation of timeless commitment and the perfect symbol that says “This is who you are to me, this is what we have come to mean to each other.”

Canadian diamonds are all ethically mined, cut and polished. All of these diamonds have a serial number laser inscribed on the girdle validating them as Canadian in origin. They are mined from both the Diviak mine or the Ekati mine in the North West Territories. Canadian diamonds all come with Canadian diamond certificates for authenticity. We are not permitted to publish the prices of the Canadian diamonds we offer as some retailers have been known to offer the same diamonds at substantially higher prices.


Gemstones are the center piece of a ring and the starting point of a custom creation. When creating something beautiful that is meant to last forever you will want to invest time and the research necessary. Let us help you get started sorting through the details of colour, clarity, cut and certification.

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