Types of metals

Our products are made using several different types of metals. Below are the features of the various metal types.

14kt white gold:

This is made of 58% pure gold and the remaining different alloys, such as nickel, to make the gold harder and more durable, and to change the color to white. Natural white gold has a very slight yellowish tint because of the gold present in the white gold. We do not rhodium plate our custom made settings unless it is requested by our customers. White gold may be rhodium plated to give it a pure white appearance, which generally lasts for several months.

14kt white gold with palladium:

This is made of 58% pure gold. Palladium is added to the gold instead of nickle to give it whiter appearance than regular white gold. It should be noted that this is an excellent alternative to people who may be allergic to nickel in regular white gold. The price is generally 20% more than regular white gold. Only available with our custom made rings.

18kt white gold:

This is made of 75% pure gold. It has a higher gold content than 14kt white gold and therefore has a slightly more yellowish appearnce than 14kt white gold. It is slighty softer than 14kt white gold. 18kt white gold is easier to work with than 14kt white gold and can be resized more often than 14kt white gold without damaging the ring because it’s softer.

14kt yellow gold:

This is made of 58% pure gold and the remaining different alloys to make it harder.

18kt yellow gold:

This is made of 75% pure gold. Because of the higher gold content it generally has a deeper rich gold appearance than 14kt yellow gold. It is softer than 14kt yellow gold so it is easier to work with, however it bends easier and is less scratch resistant.


Platinum is made of 95% pure platinum. It is a very bright white metal which does not have any yellowish tint as white gold does. Platinum is more durable than white or yellow gold and will wear longer because it’s so dense. It weighs 1.7 times more than 14kt gold. It is the preferred choice of white metal used in jewelry and is considerably more valuable than gold.